Annual Events

DPEC hosts a variety of events throughout the year including educational workshops, recruiting and networking opportunities, a speaker series, case competitions, and the DPEC annual conference. The cost of all programming is included in the annual club membership fee, including the conference. The annual conference is open to the public for a paid admission fee while all other events and programming are reserved for club members.


The 2021 Darden Private Equity Conference will be held at the Darden School of Business on April 16, 2021. We will provide more details as the conference draws closer.


For more information regarding events held throughout the year, or if you are interested in hosting an event with us, please contact us.

Event Highlights
2019 MIT Sloan Investing Series (Buyout) Case Competition | 1st Place
2020 Wharton Buyout Case Competition
2020 ACG Richmond Case Competition | 2nd Place